00Left: Right:
01Left: Right:
02Left: Right:
03Left: Right:


  1. After clearing adds in the Server Farm, go into the "diamond room".
  2. Click the "Init Positions" button to show which 4 canisters guardians have to stand on. Order is not important. If done correct, there will be a loud noise.
  3. The remaining 2 guardians go back to the prior room, going to the monitors on the far left and right.
  4. The monitor on the left is the one in respect to first entering the server room. Same for the right one.
  5. Have one of the guardians at the monitor hold X/Square. This will display a four-digit binary code. Starting at line 00 above, click on the appropriate boxes for Left and Right monitors. Each click increments the number - scroll through until you see the same monitor code, then click enter. The canister in quadrant 00 that one of the guardians must stand on will show on the image. The guardian in quadrant 00 has about 10 seconds to get to the correct canister. If it is the right one, it will light up after a bit followed by a loud noise. Make sure to watch the monitors as they will now change to the next set of numbers for the next quadrant.
  6. Do the same for all four quadrants, in order, from 00 to 03. Remember each guardian has about 10 seconds to get to the correct canister for their quadrant, else it resets. If there is a loud noise and the monitors go off AFTER the first quadrant (00) has already been done, it was done incorrect or too slowly. Simply activate the monitors again, starting in quadrant 00.
  7. When done the diamond should open, giving access to the 4th monitor and a chest.