Mari0 1.6 Rail Gun 1.2

I always felt Mario was missing something. And that something was...being able to fire off aluminum bolts at close to light speed. This is the first iteration of my mod; I have some other ideas I may or may not do as my time is limited. Haven't tested this on multiplayer, or every single cheat mode, or even very heavily at all, so caveat emptor.

Use the cheat by changing the MODE from 'portal' to 'railgun'. It uses coins as ammo. If you also turn on 'goomba attack', you get unlimited ammo as well as the firing rate being twice as fast. My previous 'bullet-time remap mod' is already incorporated in this mod. Turn the bullet-time cheat on as well to really make it feel and sound Matrix-like!

Installation-wise, its just like any other mod, you need the latest unstable build of Love to run it. *UPDATE:* You no longer have to remove your old config file, it will read your old one and make a new one, but you will have to redo your control mapping.

Get it here.

Friday, March 23rd, 2012


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