CentiPied: Centipede Arcade Restoration and Raspberry Pi Conversion

Raspberry Pi and Mame

Getting MAME to run on the Raspberry Pi isn't too much trouble. At first I tried PiMame, which is now called PiPlay, however it has it's own GUI front end, as well as the fact that it does pretty much all the emulators - Nintendo, Sega, etc., and that's overkill for what I needed. Just a port of Mame is all I wanted so that I could run my own custom front end. mame4allpi does just that. It actually uses an older version of MAME, MAME 0.37b5, which supports less games, but is actually better because it will run faster on the limited CPU power of the R-Pi. Perfect in my case seeing as I just wanted Centipede and Millipede as well as possibly a few others.