Ham Technician License Practice Quiz

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T0A03: What is connected to the green wire in a three-wire electrical AC plug?

Safety ground
The white wire

T0B01: When should members of a tower work team wear a hard hat and safety glasses?

At all times except when climbing the tower
At all times except when belted firmly to the tower
At all times when any work is being done on the tower
Only when the tower exceeds 30 feet in height

T0C08: Which of the following actions might amateur operators take to prevent exposure to RF radiation in excess of FCC-supplied limits?

Relocate antennas
Relocate the transmitter
Increase the duty cycle
All of these choices are correct

T1A03: Which part of the FCC rules contains the rules and regulations governing the Amateur Radio Service?

Part 73
Part 95
Part 90
Part 97

T1B01: What is the ITU?

An agency of the United States Department of Telecommunications Management
A United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues
An independent frequency coordination agency
A department of the FCC

T1C01: Which type of call sign has a single letter in both the prefix and suffix?

Special event

T1D06: Which of the following types of transmissions are prohibited?

Transmissions that contain obscene or indecent words or language
Transmissions to establish one-way communications
Transmissions to establish model aircraft control
Transmissions for third party communications

T1E04: What determines the transmitting privileges of an amateur station?

The frequency authorized by the frequency coordinator
The class of operator license held by the station licensee
The highest class of operator license held by anyone on the premises
The class of operator license held by the control operator

T1F12: How many persons are required to be members of a club for a club station license to be issued by the FCC?

At least 5
At least 4
A trustee and 2 officers
At least 2

T2A10: What is a band plan, beyond the privileges established by the FCC?

A voluntary guideline for using different modes or activities within an amateur band
A mandated list of operating schedules
A list of scheduled net frequencies
A plan devised by a club to use a frequency band during a contest

T2B05: What determines the amount of deviation of an FM signal?

Both the frequency and amplitude of the modulating signal
The frequency of the modulating signal
The amplitude of the modulating signal
The relative phase of the modulating signal and the carrier

T2C09: When may an amateur station use any means of radio communications at its disposal for essential communications in connection with immediate safety of human life and protection of property?

Only when FEMA authorizes it by declaring an emergency
When normal communications systems are not available
Only when RACES authorizes it by declaring an emergency
Only when authorized by the local MARS program director

T3A07: What type of wave carries radio signals between transmitting and receiving stations?

Surface acoustic

T3B06: What is the formula for converting frequency to wavelength in meters?

Wavelength in meters equals frequency in hertz multiplied by 300
Wavelength in meters equals frequency in hertz divided by 300
Wavelength in meters equals frequency in megahertz divided by 300
Wavelength in meters equals 300 divided by frequency in megahertz

T3C05: What is meant by the term "knife-edge" propagation?

Signals are reflected back toward the originating station at acute angles
Signals are sliced into several discrete beams and arrive via different paths
Signals are partially refracted around solid objects exhibiting sharp edges
Signals propagated close to the band edge exhibiting a sharp cutoff

T4A05: What type of filter should be connected to a TV receiver as the first step in trying to prevent RF overload from a nearby 2 meter transmitter?

Low-pass filter
High-pass filter
Band-pass filter
Band-reject filter

T4B04: What is a way to enable quick access to a favorite frequency on your transceiver?

Enable the CTCSS tones
Store the frequency in a memory channel
Disable the CTCSS tones
Use the scan mode to select the desired frequency

T5A07: Which of the following is a good electrical conductor?


T5B01: How many milliamperes is 1.5 amperes?

15 milliamperes
150 milliamperes
1,500 milliamperes
15,000 milliamperes

T5C02: What is the basic unit of capacitance?

The farad
The ohm
The volt
The henry

T5D02: What formula is used to calculate voltage in a circuit?

Voltage (E) equals current (I) multiplied by resistance (R)
Voltage (E) equals current (I) divided by resistance (R)
Voltage (E) equals current (I) added to resistance (R)
Voltage (E) equals current (I) minus resistance (R)

T6A05: What type of electrical component consists of two or more conductive surfaces separated by an insulator?


T6B04: Which of these components is made of three layers of semiconductor material?

Bipolar junction transistor
Pentagrid converter

T6C10: What is component 3 in figure T3?

Variable capacitor
Variable inductor

T6D04: Which of the following can be used to display signal strength on a numeric scale?


T7A13: Where is an RF preamplifier installed?

Between the antenna and receiver
At the output of the transmitter's power amplifier
Between a transmitter and antenna tuner
At the receiver's audio output

T7B10: What might be the problem if you receive a report that your audio signal through the repeater is distorted or unintelligible?

Your transmitter may be slightly off frequency
Your batteries may be running low
You could be in a bad location
All of these choices are correct

T7C10: Why should the outer jacket of coaxial cable be resistant to ultraviolet light?

Ultraviolet resistant jackets prevent harmonic radiation
Ultraviolet light can increase losses in the cable's jacket
Ultraviolet and RF signals can mix together, causing interference
Ultraviolet light can damage the jacket and allow water to enter the cable

T7D04: Which instrument is used to measure electric current?

An ohmmeter
A wavemeter
A voltmeter
An ammeter

T8A10: What is the typical bandwidth of analog fast-scan TV transmissions on the 70 cm band?

More than 10 MHz
About 6 MHz
About 3 MHz
About 1 MHz

T8B10: What do the initials LEO tell you about an amateur satellite?

The satellite battery is in Low Energy Operation mode
The satellite is performing a Lunar Ejection Orbit maneuver
The satellite is in a Low Earth Orbit
The satellite uses Light Emitting Optics

T8C03: What popular operating activity involves contacting as many stations as possible during a specified period of time?

Net operations
Public service events
Simulated emergency exercises

T8D11: What is a "parity" bit?

A control code required for automatic position reporting
A timing bit used to ensure equal sharing of a frequency
An extra code element used to detect errors in received data
A "triple width" bit used to signal the end of a character

T9A05: How would you change a dipole antenna to make it resonant on a higher frequency?

Lengthen it
Insert coils in series with radiating wires
Shorten it
Add capacity hats to the ends of the radiating wires

T9B03: Why is coaxial cable used more often than any other feedline for amateur radio antenna systems?

It is easy to use and requires few special installation considerations
It has less loss than any other type of feedline
It can handle more power than any other type of feedline
It is less expensive than any other types of feedline