Ham Technician License Practice Quiz

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T0A10: What can happen if a lead-acid storage battery is charged or discharged too quickly?

The battery could overheat and give off flammable gas or explode
The voltage can become reversed
The 'memory effect' will reduce the capacity of the battery
All of these choices are correct

T0B10: Which of the following is true concerning grounding conductors used for lightning protection?

Only non-insulated wire must be used
Wires must be carefully routed with precise right-angle bends
Sharp bends must be avoided
Common grounds must be avoided

T0C10: Why is duty cycle one of the factors used to determine safe RF radiation exposure levels?

It affects the average exposure of people to radiation
It affects the peak exposure of people to radiation
It takes into account the antenna feedline loss
It takes into account the thermal effects of the final amplifier

T1A08: Which of the following entities recommends transmit/receive channels and other parameters for auxiliary and repeater stations?

Frequency Spectrum Manager
Frequency Coordinator
FCC Regional Field Office
International Telecommunications Union

T1B08: What do the FCC rules mean when an amateur frequency band is said to be available on a secondary basis?

Secondary users of a frequency have equal rights to operate
Amateurs are only allowed to use the frequency at night
Amateurs may not cause harmful interference to primary users
Secondary users are not allowed on amateur bands

T1C02: Which of the following is a valid US amateur radio station call sign?


T1D01: With which countries are FCC-licensed amateur stations prohibited from exchanging communications?

Any country whose administration has notified the ITU that it objects to such communications
Any country whose administration has notified the United Nations that it objects to such communications
Any country engaged in hostilities with another country
Any country in violation of the War Powers Act of 1934

T1E05: What is an amateur station control point?

The location of the station's transmitting antenna
The location of the station transmitting apparatus
The location at which the control operator function is performed
The mailing address of the station licensee

T1F01: What type of identification is being used when identifying a station on the air as 'Race Headquarters'?

Tactical call
Self-assigned designator
Broadcast station

T2A10: What is a band plan, beyond the privileges established by the FCC?

A voluntary guideline for using different modes or activities within an amateur band
A mandated list of operating schedules
A list of scheduled net frequencies
A plan devised by a club to use a frequency band during a contest

T2B10: What is the "Q" signal used to indicate that you are receiving interference from other stations?


T2C10: What is the preamble in a formal traffic message?

The first paragraph of the message text
The message number
The priority handling indicator for the message
The information needed to track the message as it passes through the amateur radio traffic handling system

T3A07: What type of wave carries radio signals between transmitting and receiving stations?

Surface acoustic

T3B01: What is the name for the distance a radio wave travels during one complete cycle?

Wave speed
Wave spread

T3C10: What is the radio horizon?

The distance at which radio signals between two points are effectively blocked by the curvature of the Earth
The distance from the ground to a horizontally mounted antenna
The farthest point you can see when standing at the base of your antenna tower
The shortest distance between two points on the Earth's surface

T4A07: How is the computer's sound card used when conducting digital communications using a computer?

The sound card communicates between the computer CPU and the video display
The sound card records the audio frequency for video display
The sound card provides audio to the microphone input and converts received audio to digital form
All of these choices are correct

T4B04: What is a way to enable quick access to a favorite frequency on your transceiver?

Enable the CTCSS tones
Store the frequency in a memory channel
Disable the CTCSS tones
Use the scan mode to select the desired frequency

T5A03: What is the name for the flow of electrons in an electric circuit?


T5B08: How many microfarads are 1,000,000 picofarads?

0.001 microfarads
1 microfarad
1000 microfarads
1,000,000,000 microfarads

T5C07: What is a usual name for electromagnetic waves that travel through space?

Gravity waves
Sound waves
Radio waves
Pressure waves

T5D08: What is the current flowing through a 100-ohm resistor connected across 200 volts?

20,000 amperes
0.5 amperes
2 amperes
100 amperes

T6A04: What electrical component stores energy in an electric field?


T6B05: Which of the following electronic components can amplify signals?

Variable resistor
Electrolytic capacitor
Multi-cell battery

T6C03: What is component 2 in figure T1?

Indicator lamp

T6D11: Which of the following is a common use of coaxial cable?

Carry dc power from a vehicle battery to a mobile radio
Carry RF signals between a radio and antenna
Secure masts, tubing, and other cylindrical objects on towers
Connect data signals from a TNC to a computer

T7A07: If figure T5 represents a transceiver in which block 1 is the transmitter portion and block 3 is the receiver portion, what is the function of block 2?

A balanced modulator
A transmit-receive switch
A power amplifier
A high-pass filter

T7B01: What can you do if you are told your FM handheld or mobile transceiver is over deviating?

Talk louder into the microphone
Let the transceiver cool off
Change to a higher power level
Talk farther away from the microphone

T7C08: What instrument other than an SWR meter could you use to determine if a feedline and antenna are properly matched?

Iambic pentameter
Directional wattmeter

T7D01: Which instrument would you use to measure electric potential or electromotive force?

An ammeter
A voltmeter
A wavemeter
An ohmmeter

T8A07: What is the primary advantage of single sideband over FM for voice transmissions?

SSB signals are easier to tune
SSB signals are less susceptible to interference
SSB signals have narrower bandwidth
All of these choices are correct

T8B07: With regard to satellite communications, what is Doppler shift?

A change in the satellite orbit
A mode where the satellite receives signals on one band and transmits on another
An observed change in signal frequency caused by relative motion between the satellite and the earth station
A special digital communications mode for some satellites

T8C06: For what purpose is a temporary "1 by 1" format (letter-number-letter) call sign assigned?

To designate an experimental station
To honor a deceased relative who was a radio amateur
For operations in conjunction with an activity of special significance to the amateur community
All of these choices are correct

T8D09: What code is used when sending CW in the amateur bands?

International Morse

T9A03: Which of the following describes a simple dipole mounted so the conductor is parallel to the Earth's surface?

A ground wave antenna
A horizontally polarized antenna
A rhombic antenna
A vertically polarized antenna

T9B02: What is the impedance of the most commonly used coaxial cable in typical amateur radio installations?

8 ohms
50 ohms
600 ohms
12 ohms