Ham General License Practice Quiz

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G0A13: What precaution should be taken when installing a ground-mounted antenna?

It should not be installed higher than you can reach
It should not be installed in a wet area
It should limited to 10 feet in height
It should be installed so no one can be exposed to RF radiation in excess of maximum permissible limits

G0B06: Why must the metal enclosure of every item of station equipment be grounded?

It prevents blowing of fuses in case of an internal short circuit
It prevents signal overload
It ensures that the neutral wire is grounded
It ensures that hazardous voltages cannot appear on the chassis

G1A02: On which of the following bands is phone operation prohibited?

160 meters
30 meters
17 meters
12 meters

G1B09: When may an amateur station transmit communications in which the licensee or control operator has a pecuniary (monetary) interest?

When other amateurs are being notified of the sale of apparatus normally used in an amateur station and such activity is not done on a regular basis
Only when there is no other means of communications readily available
When other amateurs are being notified of the sale of any item with a monetary value less than $200 and such activity is not done on a regular basis

G1C09: What is the maximum symbol rate permitted for RTTY or data emission transmitted on the 1.25 meter and 70 centimeter bands?

56 kilobaud
19.6 kilobaud
1200 baud
300 baud

G1D07: Volunteer Examiners are accredited by what organization?

The Federal Communications Commission
The Universal Licensing System
A Volunteer Examiner Coordinator
The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau

G1E04: Which of the following conditions require an Amateur Radio station licensee to take specific steps to avoid harmful interference to other users or facilities?

When operating within one mile of an FCC Monitoring Station
When using a band where the Amateur Service is secondary
When a station is transmitting spread spectrum emissions
All of these choices are correct

G2A08: Which of the following is a recommended way to break into a conversation when using phone?

Say "QRZ" several times followed by your call sign
Say your call sign during a break between transmissions from the other stations
Say "Break. Break. Break." and wait for a response
Say "CQ" followed by the call sign of either station

G2B04: When selecting a CW transmitting frequency, what minimum frequency separation should you allow in order to minimize interference to stations on adjacent frequencies?

5 to 50 Hz
150 to 500 Hz
1 to 3 kHz
3 to 6 kHz

G2C02: What should you do if a CW station sends "QRS"?

Send slower
Change frequency
Increase your power
Repeat everything twice

G2D07: Which of the following is required by the FCC rules when operating in the 60 meter band?

If you are using other than a dipole antenna, you must keep a record of the gain of your antenna
You must keep a log of the date, time, frequency, power level and stations worked
You must keep a log of all third party traffic
You must keep a log of the manufacturer of your equipment and the antenna used

G2E02: How many data bits are sent in a single PSK31 character?

The number varies

G3A05: What is the solar-flux index?

A measure of the highest frequency that is useful for ionospheric propagation between two points on the Earth
A count of sunspots which is adjusted for solar emissions
Another name for the American sunspot number
A measure of solar radiation at 10.7 cm

G3B10: What is the approximate maximum distance along the Earth's surface that is normally covered in one hop using the E region?

180 miles
1,200 miles
2,500 miles
12,000 miles

G3C11: Which of the following antenna types will be most effective for skip communications on 40 meters during the day?

Vertical antennas
Horizontal dipoles placed between 1/8 and 1/4 wavelength above the ground
Left-hand circularly polarized antennas
Right-hand circularly polarized antenna

G4A01: What is the purpose of the "notch filter" found on many HF transceivers?

To restrict the transmitter voice bandwidth
To reduce interference from carriers in the receiver passband
To eliminate receiver interference from impulse noise sources
To enhance the reception of a specific frequency on a crowded band

G4B14: What is an instance in which the use of an instrument with analog readout may be preferred over an instrument with a numerical digital readout?

When testing logic circuits
When high precision is desired
When measuring the frequency of an oscillator
When adjusting tuned circuits

G4C07: What is one good way to avoid unwanted effects of stray RF energy in an amateur station?

Connect all equipment grounds together
Install an RF filter in series with the ground wire
Use a ground loop for best conductivity
Install a few ferrite beads on the ground wire where it connects to your station

G4D07: How much must the power output of a transmitter be raised to change the S- meter reading on a distant receiver from S8 to S9?

Approximately 1.5 times
Approximately 2 times
Approximately 4 times
Approximately 8 times

G4E09: What is the approximate open-circuit voltage from a modern, well-illuminated photovoltaic cell?

0.02 VDC
0.5 VDC
0.2 VDC
1.38 VDC

G5A03: Which of the following causes opposition to the flow of alternating current in an inductor?


G5B06: What is the output PEP from a transmitter if an oscilloscope measures 200 volts peak-to-peak across a 50-ohm dummy load connected to the transmitter output?

1.4 watts
100 watts
353.5 watts
400 watts

G5C13: Which of the following components should be added to a capacitor to increase the capacitance?

An inductor in series
A resistor in series
A capacitor in parallel
A capacitor in series

G6A03: Which of the following is an advantage of ceramic capacitors as compared to other types of capacitors?

Tight tolerance
High stability
High capacitance for given volume
Comparatively low cost

G6B13: What is an advantage of the low internal resistance of nickel-cadmium batteries?

Long life
High discharge current
High voltage
Rapid recharge

G6C04: What is meant by the term ROM?

Resistor Operated Memory
Read Only Memory
Random Operational Memory
Resistant to Overload Memory

G7A09: Which symbol in figure G7-1 represents a field effect transistor?

Symbol 2
Symbol 5
Symbol 1
Symbol 4

G7B12: Which of these classes of amplifiers has the highest efficiency?

Class A
Class B
Class AB
Class C

G7C05: Which of the following is an advantage of a transceiver controlled by a direct digital synthesizer (DDS)?

Wide tuning range and no need for band switching
Relatively high power output
Relatively low power consumption
Variable frequency with the stability of a crystal oscillator

G8A06: What is one advantage of carrier suppression in a single-sideband phone transmission?

Audio fidelity is improved
Greater modulation percentage is obtainable with lower distortion
The available transmitter power can be used more effectively
Simpler receiving equipment can be used

G8B05: Why isn't frequency modulated (FM) phone used below 29.5 MHz?

The transmitter efficiency for this mode is low
Harmonics could not be attenuated to practical levels
The wide bandwidth is prohibited by FCC rules
The frequency stability would not be adequate

G9A06: In what values are RF feed line losses usually expressed?

ohms per 1000 ft
dB per 1000 ft
ohms per 100 ft
dB per 100 ft

G9B11: What is the approximate length for a 1/2-wave dipole antenna cut for 3.550 MHz?

42 feet
84 feet
131 feet
263 feet

G9C10: Which of the following is a Yagi antenna design variable that could be adjusted to optimize forward gain, front-to-back ratio, or SWR bandwidth?

The physical length of the boom
The number of elements on the boom
The spacing of each element along the boom
All of these choices are correct

G9D02: Which of the following is an advantage of an NVIS antenna?

Low vertical angle radiation for working stations out to ranges of several thousand kilometers
High vertical angle radiation for working stations within a radius of a few hundred kilometers
High forward gain
All of these choices are correct