Ham General License Practice Quiz

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G0A13: What precaution should be taken when installing a ground-mounted antenna?

It should not be installed higher than you can reach
It should not be installed in a wet area
It should limited to 10 feet in height
It should be installed so no one can be exposed to RF radiation in excess of maximum permissible limits

G0B09: Why should soldered joints not be used with the wires that connect the base of a tower to a system of ground rods?

The resistance of solder is too high
Solder flux will prevent a low conductivity connection
Solder has too high a dielectric constant to provide adequate lightning protection
A soldered joint will likely be destroyed by the heat of a lightning strike

G1A14: Which of the following applies when the FCC rules designate the Amateur Service as a secondary user on a band?

Amateur stations must record the call sign of the primary service station before operating on a frequency assigned to that station
Amateur stations are allowed to use the band only during emergencies
Amateur stations are allowed to use the band only if they do not cause harmful interference to primary users
Amateur stations may only operate during specific hours of the day, while primary users are permitted 24 hour use of the band

G1B10: What is the power limit for beacon stations?

10 watts PEP output
20 watts PEP output
100 watts PEP output
200 watts PEP output

G1C09: What is the maximum symbol rate permitted for RTTY or data emission transmitted on the 1.25 meter and 70 centimeter bands?

56 kilobaud
19.6 kilobaud
1200 baud
300 baud

G1D07: Volunteer Examiners are accredited by what organization?

The Federal Communications Commission
The Universal Licensing System
A Volunteer Examiner Coordinator
The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau

G1E09: What language must you use when identifying your station if you are using a language other than English in making a contact using phone emission?

The language being used for the contact
Any language if the US has a third party agreement with that country
Any language of a country that is a member of the ITU

G2A08: Which of the following is a recommended way to break into a conversation when using phone?

Say "QRZ" several times followed by your call sign
Say your call sign during a break between transmissions from the other stations
Say "Break. Break. Break." and wait for a response
Say "CQ" followed by the call sign of either station

G2B07: Which of the following complies with good amateur practice when choosing a frequency on which to initiate a call?

Check to see if the channel is assigned to another station
Identify your station by transmitting your call sign at least 3 times
Follow the voluntary band plan for the operating mode you intend to use
All of these choices are correct

G2C02: What should you do if a CW station sends "QRS"?

Send slower
Change frequency
Increase your power
Repeat everything twice

G2D05: When is it permissible to communicate with amateur stations in countries outside the areas administered by the Federal Communications Commission?

Only when the foreign country has a formal third party agreement filed with the FCC
When the contact is with amateurs in any country except those whose administrations have notified the ITU that they object to such communications
When the contact is with amateurs in any country as long as the communication is conducted in English
Only when the foreign country is a member of the International Amateur Radio Union

G2E02: How many data bits are sent in a single PSK31 character?

The number varies

G3A10: What causes HF propagation conditions to vary periodically in a 28-day cycle?

Long term oscillations in the upper atmosphere
Cyclic variation in the Earth's radiation belts
The Sun's rotation on its axis
The position of the Moon in its orbit

G3B03: Which of the following applies when selecting a frequency for lowest attenuation when transmitting on HF?

Select a frequency just below the MUF
Select a frequency just above the LUF
Select a frequency just below the critical frequency
Select a frequency just above the critical frequency

G3C07: What makes HF scatter signals often sound distorted?

The ionospheric layer involved is unstable
Ground waves are absorbing much of the signal
The E-region is not present
Energy is scattered into the skip zone through several different radio wave paths

G4A07: What condition can lead to permanent damage when using a solid-state RF power amplifier?

Exceeding the Maximum Usable Frequency
Low input SWR
Shorting the input signal to ground
Excessive drive power

G4B01: What item of test equipment contains horizontal and vertical channel amplifiers?

An ohmmeter
A signal generator
An ammeter
An oscilloscope

G4C08: Which of the following would reduce RF interference caused by common-mode current on an audio cable?

Placing a ferrite bead around the cable
Adding series capacitors to the conductors
Adding shunt inductors to the conductors
Adding an additional insulating jacket to the cable

G4D04: What does an S meter measure?

Received signal strength
Transmitter power output

G4E04: Why is it best NOT to draw the DC power for a 100-watt HF transceiver from an automobile's auxiliary power socket?

The socket is not wired with an RF-shielded power cable
The socket's wiring may be inadequate for the current being drawn by the
The DC polarity of the socket is reversed from the polarity of modern HF
Drawing more than 50 watts from this socket could cause the engine to overheat

G5A10: What unit is used to measure impedance?


G5B11: What is the ratio of peak envelope power to average power for an unmodulated carrier?


G5C07: What is the turns ratio of a transformer used to match an audio amplifier having a 600-ohm output impedance to a speaker having a 4-ohm impedance?

12.2 to 1
24.4 to 1
150 to 1
300 to 1

G6A07: Which of the following is a reason not to use wire-wound resistors in an RF circuit?

The resistor's tolerance value would not be adequate for such a circuit
The resistor's inductance could make circuit performance unpredictable
The resistor could overheat
The resistor's internal capacitance would detune the circuit

G6B02: What are two major ratings that must not be exceeded for silicon diode rectifiers?

Peak inverse voltage; average forward current
Average power; average voltage
Capacitive reactance; avalanche voltage
Peak load impedance; peak voltage

G6C07: What is one disadvantage of an incandescent indicator compared to an LED?

Low power consumption
High speed
Long life
High power consumption

G7A08: Which of the following is an advantage of a switch-mode power supply as compared to a linear power supply?

Faster switching time makes higher output voltage possible
Fewer circuit components are required
High frequency operation allows the use of smaller components
All of these choices are correct

G7B03: Which of the following describes the function of a two input AND gate?

Output is high when either or both inputs are low
Output is high only when both inputs are high
Output is low when either or both inputs are high
Output is low only when both inputs are high

G7C11: What is meant by the term "software defined radio" (SDR)?

A radio in which most major signal processing functions are performed by software
A radio which provides computer interface for automatic logging of band and frequency
A radio which uses crystal filters designed using software
A computer model which can simulate performance of a radio to aid in the design process

G8A11: What happens to the RF carrier signal when a modulating audio signal is applied to an FM transmitter?

The carrier frequency changes proportionally to the instantaneous amplitude of the modulating signal
The carrier frequency changes proportionally to the amplitude and frequency of the modulating signal
The carrier amplitude changes proportionally to the instantaneous frequency of the modulating signal
The carrier phase changes proportionally to the instantaneous amplitude of the modulating signal

G8B06: What is the total bandwidth of an FM-phone transmission having a 5 kHz deviation and a 3 kHz modulating frequency?

3 kHz
5 kHz
8 kHz
16 kHz

G9A12: What would be the SWR if you feed a vertical antenna that has a 25-ohm feed-point impedance with 50-ohm coaxial cable?

You cannot determine SWR from impedance values

G9B06: Where should the radial wires of a ground-mounted vertical antenna system be placed?

As high as possible above the ground
Parallel to the antenna element
On the surface or buried a few inches below the ground
At the top of the antenna

G9C13: Approximately how long is each side of a quad antenna driven element?

1/4 wavelength
1/2 wavelength
3/4 wavelength
1 wavelength

G9D09: Which of the following is an application for a Beverage antenna?

Directional transmitting for low HF bands
Directional receiving for low HF bands
Portable direction finding at higher HF frequencies
Portable direction finding at lower HF frequencies